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  1. Unprecedented
    Wow, hasn’t this year been so unprecedented?”
    I mean- I know it has. I know it has, just like every other person on the planet. Everyone’s lives have been changed and disrupted by covid. It just feels like a word I’m using to sum up something so hugely indescribable; it fails…

In addition to the many other hats I wear, I’m a teacher. As it’s my full-time job and what I spend the greatest proportion of my waking life doing, it’s possibly the most important aspect of my life. …

One of the many things I spend my time doing is editing novels on Fiverr. I mostly work with those who intend to self-publish, and I mostly work on romance novels, although I’m not strict about these things.

I love doing editing jobs; my rates are really low, partly because…

So you’ve decided to write a YA novel! Congratulations! YA is a fantastic genre and one of my personal favourites. My experience here is based in my day job and in my side hustles. I work as an English teacher for teenagers and get to spend time reading and discussing…

It is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, which means that Facebook and Twitter will be flooded with cutesy, feelgood memes and people copying and pasting long paragraphs that end with ‘if you care, copy & paste this post!!!!’. …

I don’t remember the first time I had a migraine. I think it’s probably for the best; I still sometimes feel like I’m dying when I’m in the middle of an attack, even as a sensible adult who knows they probably aren’t dying. …

Home is here
But it is also not here
It is on the other side of the globe
When it is today in one home
It is tomorrow in another home
And I am half…

He never looked at her
Never spoke to her
Never acknowledged her breathy laughs or timid smiles
She was a ghost to him
And when she lay in bed
Pictures of him imprinted on the…

She buried him under the porch
The blood caked beneath her fingernails
The bruises on her arms
Flat round fingerprints
The taste of him still in her mouth as she sealed him in forever…

When I was on the ground
Looking up
Head thrown back, sun beaming in
my face
Blinded by golden potential
The flawless sky seemed far away
And I would raise my hand, imagine
my fingers were touching…



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